Here's a few more

*Experience this moment not the next

*Develope immunity against external disharmony

*Become a participating spectator

*Overreaction: The source of emotional detonation

--My ways of reducing stress is to not collect tension during the day/night and pin pointing what caused stress in my mind, body and behaviors. I've always used eye's closed visualization and spending time in the woods contemplating where the mind wanders. I won't go into all the artificial and temporary methods, but I use them also.
--I also recycle in the morning. Real time with myself and my morning, I used to wake with impending doom of unknown reason.
--I remember the "change-over" and the newness of all the inner body tension leaving that had been with me for so long.
--A wholeness I'm still diggin', a stressor today is like nothing compaired with before July 2007.

---Year's ago my Dad said my life was like;
---"Full speed ahead destination to be determined later"---
---Today, I know how to mosey along aimlessly at times.

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