Welcome to MaleSurvivor! As you may have already noted this site is dedicated to "Overcoming Sexual Victimization of Boys & Men." What that means in practical terms is that we provide a place for men who've had the misfortune of being sexually victimized to break the silence about that victimization, and just as importantly to be heard and believed.

You may have already registered as a user here on the site and are about to, or have already started interacting with other users here. Perhaps you may be coming here from time to time to read the forums without having registered. Whatever the case we hope you are able to find in these discussions something that is helpful to you in your journey or which you can share with someone you love who has been victimized.

In order to help familiarize you with what Male Survivor has to offer we're providing the link to the Guidelines click here for your easy reference. Read them over so that you understand the expected conduct here on site and are not surprised later on when you receive a reminder from someone on the ModTeam.

  • Membership

      [*]For those of you who would like to join the MaleSurvivor community as a dues paying member there is a secure discussion board that is only viewable to other dues paying members of the community, and is not searchable by Google, yahoo, or other internet search engines.

      [*]Within that discussion board there is also a "Male Survivor" forum that is secure from being read by your family or friends who may also be dues paying members of the community.

      [*]Also on the "Members Side" of the discussion board is a forum moderated by Don Laufersweiler called "At Risk" where members are able to discuss issues that may be putting them at risk. This forum is for survivors who have engaged in self harming activity such as cutting, done inappropriate, harmful, or abusive behavior to others in their childhood or adolescence, or have acted out sexually through certain sexual behaviors, such as compulsive masturbation, promiscuous consensual relationships, internet pornography, book store acting out, etc. We intend to provide a safe place to explore the underlying causes and find resources and alternatives to these behaviors, as well as better understand how childhood abuse has affected our sense of sexuality and sexual behaviors. It will provide a place to talk about what you may have done as a child or teen in reaction to your sexual abuse. To participate in this forum you must be a dues paying member or be granted a site scholarship so that you are able to participate. Access to this forum is granted by permission from Don Laufersweiler, CCDC, LPC and is not viewable by anyone on the member side who does not also have access to the forum. Please send Ken a PM if you feel you need to participate there.

  • Resources

      [*]We invite you to browse the tabs on our Home Page where you'll find various articles and other resources that you may find informative.

      [*]If you are considering seeing a therapist who treats sexually abused boys and men you may be able to locate one who practices in your area by checking out the "Find a Therapist" feature on the home page.

      [*]If you are interested in the possibility of joining a therapy group or a peer support group for men you can check our the "Find a Support Group" feature on the home page.

      [*]At the MaleSurvivor Bookstore you will find reading material written by professional therapists as well as survivors on the topic of sexual abuse and it's aftermath, particularly as it is experienced by boys and men. These works include the definitive work titled "Victims No Longer" by Mike Lew, and "Abused Boys" by Mic Hunter.

  • Again, welcome to the MaleSurvivor website. We hope your time spent here is fruitful and leads you further on the path of recovery, or helps you in some way to understand the emotional upheaval currently being experienced by someone you love.

    As many of you know, MaleSurvivor provides many world-class resources like this website and discussion forum community to men who have been sexually abused and their loved ones free of charge. Every year over 100,000 users come to this website, accessing more than 2 million pages of content.

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