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#282172 - 04/04/09 04:43 AM Re: CSA effects on sexual identity [Re: Ken Singer, LCSW]
Happy Birthday Bruce1000 Offline

Registered: 02/19/09
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Loc: United States
What is CSA?
What is SSA?

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#282174 - 04/04/09 04:46 AM Re: CSA effects on sexual identity [Re: Bruce1000]
joelRT Offline

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CSA = Childhood Sexual Abuse
SA = Sexual Abuse
SSA = Same Sex Attraction

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#282197 - 04/04/09 01:05 PM Re: CSA effects on sexual identity [Re: myboyhoodfears]
Sans Logos Offline

Registered: 05/31/03
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Loc: in my own world in pittsburgh,...
ok. i was following your idea more as a train of thought that was being carried over from other discussions. perhaps i am mistaken.

at any rate, it was feeling to me as if you were implying superiority of heterosexual attraction and its subsequent effect, pregnancy [as you state 'having children'], as the evidence for such a conclusion. and further that in following this line of thinking, attempting to create a case against homosexuality by divine design.

it could very well be true for you or other individuals as an apriori claim for your own life, i just needed for my own clarification to know that people are not attempting to induce absolute conclusions about this topic and publicizing them as 'truth' for public consumption here.

so many people are already traumatized by the effects of csa without having yet another armchair etiologist's opinion complicating their own personal path to recovery. if i am incorrect on this, please accept my apology. i don't mind being wrong if it helps to clarify the discussion in question.

i think that it is important that people who are struggling with a sense of moral condemnation of their sexual attractions find a qualified mental health professional to engage a conversation about this it, and inhibit the tendency to solve such things on their own with their limited scope of knowledge and understanding of the topic.

the past decades of research have established for us to today that this is not a 'one size fits all' issue. my own personal stake in this topic is the concern for the mental health of all people who like myself have suffered the condemnation of a culture that wants to suppress its non-heterosexual shadow at the expense of valued lives, many of them young teens just starting to come to terms with their own sexuality. as a web community that supports recovery from the ill effects of sexual predatory behavior and its subsequent trauma, we have a responsibility to send clear messages that no matter where one finds themselves in the spectrum of sexual attraction, they are loved and valued and accepted as they are, without condition or apology. would that i had heard that message many many years ago, but our world was not ready to speak it until these days.

thanks for listening to my point of view,


Ron Schulz, MSPC, NCC

#282231 - 04/04/09 05:30 PM Re: CSA effects on sexual identity [Re: Sans Logos]
myboyhoodfears Offline

Registered: 03/13/09
Posts: 457
at any rate, it was feeling to me as if you were implying superiority of heterosexual attraction and its subsequent effect, pregnancy [as you state 'having children'], as the evidence for such a conclusion. and further that in following this line of thinking, attempting to create a case against homosexuality by divine design.

first, i do not refer to "devine design" in any of my are making this connection yourself...not i.

nevertheless i see no valid argument otherwise....present one and ill give it my most thoughtful consideration...but i must make a VERY clear distinction here...this is not about the moral issue for where have i suggested that homosexuality is quite aware of the guilt and shame this causes only concerned about its origin as its the only relevant question,...but it appears to be heresy to ask it, if the possibility exists that the answers may not affirm homosexuality...take those "social non-acceptance" lens off and things get a little clearer(which i admit is not easy to do even for myself, which is apparent in some of my posts)...if social non-acceptance was not looming over this issue like a tyrant, we would still ask these questions regardless, but we wouldn't be inclined to associate them with an attack on ones morality and self-perceptions, which is what happens when one hears the word "dis***ered" and homosexuality in the same sentence, as if it were some horrible crime to speak it (or even to have it), which to me seems ironic in the scope of things, far as its the relevance to CSA recovery? i think the question needs to be asked so that we might know whether or not the direction people are being told to go is indeed the correct one and not just a reaction to societal pressure to cram people in one of those "neat little boxes" whether they actually fit in there or not.

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Post Nubilia Pheobus

#282251 - 04/04/09 10:04 PM Re: CSA effects on sexual identity [Re: myboyhoodfears]
myboyhoodfears Offline

Registered: 03/13/09
Posts: 457
Please review the guidelines for posting in this forum:

Trigger Issues

* Cultural and religious views about the origin or nature of one's sexual orientation
* The negative ways sexual minorities (gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered folks) are portrayed, perceived and treated by others in society or by the law
* Dealing with feelings about our own or other's sexual orientation

Trigger Issues/Open Discussion Forum

Posts which trigger others cause conflicts which often divert us from our goal of discussing and sharing our recovery issues. They often cause others to react and sometimes respond in emotional ways which creates further controversy. Controversy can cause many of us, because our trauma experiences, to feel unsafe. Some who come here prefer not to deal with these controversies or potential triggers.

The ODF is for the discussion of any issues that may be triggering to others. It also is a place where frank discussion and pointed remarks reflecting disagreements with others would be allowed. We ask such posts be made in this forum. By posting trigger issues in a separate room in which we are forewarned and enter “at our own risk” it will be easier for us to freely choose to deal with it or not.

We will move to this forum discussions from other forums which, in our opinion, might be triggering. The Open Discussion Forum is for posting comments that might not be appropriate for other forums but the rules about threats or offensive posts are still in effect there.

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Post Nubilia Pheobus

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