This is my story. I left home and lived on the street for about 1 year. I became careless, and didn't kept enough money to provide for my own needs. I got, into a situation where I was in city with a high unemployment rate. So, I needed to get out of the city. So, I decided to hitchhike, I was befriended by an older man. He gave me new cloths and took my out to eat. Then, we went out to eat that night. Later, we need in his truck, to sleep. I wasn't drunk. But, then he claimed to have play with my dick, while I was asleep that freaked me out. But, he did take me to the bus station and buy me a bus ticket. and gave me go advice to get off the streets.
I didn't ejactuate, that night. but, i did have my zipper open, but, i could of forgot to zip it. the night before. But, I have no explaination if anything happened. I just don't know. And I carry alot of guilt. But, I didn't press for my information. I just wanted to get out of that situation.
Maybe, nothing happened. because i believed. I would of felt something.