You follow silently, pacing your steps with mine
when I struggle to breathe, you say itíll be fine.
So much you have witnessed all of these years
so many broken pieces dropped into a sea of tears.
How do you do it? How do you remain so strong?
Unwavering you stand beside me whether right or wrong.

Do you remember the day I jumped Big Daddio,
Fourth of July, while watching fireworks echo?
Can you still feel the sting of tears and emptiness
as He sailed away again through oceans of loneliness?
Did you turn away when She came to me that first night
or did you watch my face, mirroring my fright?

I often wonder why you stayed, why you didnít flee
when the light left us and my soul became bloody.
Did you stay because you could see a new day?
did you have a map that showed you the way
out of the valley of despair we found ourselves in?
Together we took a knee and prayed to begin again.

You faithfully walk with me joined by Siamese soles
along roadways lined with grey steel and glowing coals.
I reach out to take your hand, courage quickly fading
as I grasp the empty space between us, you smiling.
What makes you grin from grey ear to ear
when the demons arrive to stab me with fear?

What things make you smile, my happy shadow?
With shades of Dorian Grey and brushed steps you follow
silently bearing each of my sins, your shape not deformed.
Am I the cocooned one that given time will be transformed,
finally taking a true shape? Will I take wing and fly
or will I be the one to scrawl the sad broken goodbye?

Do you tire my friend? Do you wish for more?
Can you taste her kiss, is it her you adore?
If we could switch places for just one day
who would be the one that would dance and play?
When the music fades and chairs are taken,
who would be the last one standing forsaken?

I think I envy you my monochromatic friend,
I envy your steadfastness to the end.
I want to be the one that follows blindly,
the one that bows to the light so kindly,
and not the one that howls like a banshee
at the wind. I want what you haveÖ happy.

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