Sorry, I just need to blurt this out, unglossed and quickly before I lose the will to write about it.

My brother Stan raped and molested me when I was 12 or 13. Used me like a toy and made me his "f*ggot" concubine for months.

But, hey it wasn't his fault he was a sick-evil-sadistic-jerk, he'd had good teachers. From the time I was 4 till 9, my father, a violent drunk, was molesting the 2 neighbor girls 12 & 14. When he wasn't around, and they had "needs", Stan and I were their living Ken dolls, directed to play with each other at their direction, act out their sexual plays, pose for their fantasies, and to finally service them; to fullfill their "needs" even though we "weren't real men like your dad".

= enough for now. I'll fill in more details later.