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#280237 - 03/21/09 12:23 PM Re: Pray-Away [Re: mapleleafsn]
nathan555 Offline

Registered: 01/06/09
Posts: 230
Loc: Australia
I tend to agree with you in that prayer is effective and heplfull.

As I pray God shows me new steps to take in my recovery.
I have had giant leaps and small steps.
Massive healing and slow reciovery.

Jesus is our answer. I have faith in Him to bring us through.

O grieve when some Christians and Pastors give flippant or catch phrase answers. It's shallow and can be offensive.
I am sadended that the western church is not the praying church it once was - with a few exceptions. I am fortunate to have solid discerning prayer partners.

prayer to be effective is certainly not shallow or quick or formulae but perseverance and endurance and faith.

God bless

#280242 - 03/21/09 01:01 PM Re: Pray-Away [Re: nathan555]
tony2c Offline

Registered: 01/22/09
Posts: 37
Loc: ny

As a Catholic, confession for me was a life line that God gave me, I spoke directly to Christ when I was there, it was private, secret, safe. That is the key it was safe, and the answers came immediately, thru the priest. I was always treated with compassion. I heard God tell me time after time, "It's okay I'm here and I will always be here". It worked for me.

I've heard horror stories and I don't doubt them, but the overwhelming good done, (again in my experience) far outweighed any evil horrors related to me by others.

Holy Mother Church nurished me with faith when I was hopeless, made me a part of something bigger than all of us when I was abandoned.

Best part of my experience - I knew Christ was there because he always found a way to be at the center of attention with sinners.That's what I found out about most Catholics ---people who knew they were created for a greater good,their lives are a gift from God to the world, but they fall short, way short, but it's the struggle that counts.

This is just one man's thankfulness for a Church that has always been there for me, even if there were some in the heirarchy "giving me hell" when I needed a taste of Heaven.

yours in crosses


we are so accustomed to adopting masks before others, that we wind up being unable to recognize ourselves

#280562 - 03/24/09 10:29 AM Re: Pray-Away [Re: tony2c]
brother2none Offline

Registered: 01/30/09
Posts: 269
Loc: Undisclosed
I don't pray. I stopped praying when my prayers to God to take me out of the abuse situation went unanswered.

#281431 - 03/30/09 09:21 PM HYPOCRITES !!!! [Re: Still]
Still Offline

Registered: 02/16/07
Posts: 7011
Loc: FEMA Region 1
Written in a SREAM:

I sat and listened to you on Sunday!

I sat 5 rows back from the stage and made eye-contact with you!

You've been told multiple times what I deal with.

I've asked, multiple times for your help...for any help.

You DARE stand there and preach about helping each other.

You DARE tell the congregation to seek opportunities to dig people out of the ditches of poverty, dispare.

You DARE fly a contingent to Rwanda every month to help people there when we HAVE TENT-CITIES AND HOPELESS HOMELESS IN OUR OWN CITY!!!!

We have people losing their homes right here in our own city and you fly half-way around the world to "help."

No wonder you cant see the needy in front of you. HYPOCRITE!!!! Look down. You'll see more need than you can handle.

#281454 - 03/30/09 10:09 PM Re: HYPOCRITES !!!! [Re: Still]
nathan555 Offline

Registered: 01/06/09
Posts: 230
Loc: Australia
Well spoken.
I fail to understand why the American Churches can have so many rescources, so many programmes and yet be blind to poverty within their own country, own state and own city.

I read of houses being sold at ridiculously low prices - why don't Christians buy then and rent back to the homeless who once lived in them - a cheap rent / buy back plan.

Why doesn't the American Churches help Mexico out of poverty - accross the border?

Why were the poor and the blacks left without supplied in New Orleans?

Why does the moral right demand their moral values be upheld
whilst being silent about Child Protection
and our needs, the needs of the abused?

Why do American Christians participate in the national sport - when a man falls kick him or walk all over him?

The Parable of the Good Samaritan is meant to inspire Christians to stop and care,
not to walk past the needy or kick the wounded man when he is down.
he is not "a bumb" he is my neighbour.

try and find a Church who care.


#281551 - 03/31/09 01:51 AM Re: HYPOCRITES !!!! [Re: nathan555]
wojax Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 06/22/04
Posts: 171
Loc: Florida
Dont lump all Churches into the few you know..Many Churches have outreach minatrys..My church has what we call the Hope House ..Jesus that we would have the poor always..
One Pastor told us that we had the best kept secret in town ..with in the four walls of the church..I agree we need to get out and help were we can..I do know that God answers all Prayers..just some times he says no...our he allows us to go through things we dont understand..
I for one do all I can for my brothers and sisters..

Jer 7:23 ps 91:16

#281584 - 03/31/09 03:56 AM Re: Pray-Away [Re: Still]
overcomer4life Offline

Registered: 02/25/09
Posts: 198


I can relate to all of this!!!! SO MUCH!!! Whoa!!!!

#281841 - 04/01/09 09:08 PM Re: Pray-Away [Re: overcomer4life]
nathan555 Offline

Registered: 01/06/09
Posts: 230
Loc: Australia
Just to clarify. I know many great churches. I believe in the mission of the church.
I also recognise some fall very short
and leave too many hurt and wounded.
I have been the recipient of both.

the expections of Jesus Christ upon His church is clear for all to read

5 depending on God's grace gives hope
6 my dark side , my hurt inner being my struggle
8 looking to the day of overcomming

#281910 - 04/02/09 10:49 AM Re: Pray-Away [Re: nathan555]
Jethro8 Offline

Registered: 03/16/09
Posts: 29

I agree with wojax.

Churches aren't perfect. Hell they're filled with imperfect people.
The church I go to realised a number of years ago that it was too inward focussed and so accelerated its community ministries. This year my church has ramped up even more the focus on community ministries. I think there is a lot of churches rising to the benevolence challenge. As Nathan said, he knows many great churches.
Praise God for that.

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