He slowly got to know me, though my interest in music and the troubles that were ongoing at the time, started with chat about girls, showed me porn mags and later loaned me the mags, then they were mags he would't lend, i could look at them in his car, sat on a no: of occassions in his car just looking at his new mags chatting about girls etc,he took his cock out to have a wank one night making no big deal about it, he was around 25 i 14yrs then another night he asked if i was circumcised
he showed me his cock and spoke about if your foreskin was too tight it could tear if you were to have sex with a women and bleed and u would have to go to the hospital, so i let him c mine's he said look at the mags so to c how my foreskin was when i was erect, he touched me in a way to check if i needed 2 b circumcised, he encouraged me to wank,told me i was't pulling myself tight enough so he took over and brought me off. All for now stomach feeling sick and i'm feeling so fecking stupid