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hey, i was able to learn male survivors accept and believe jesus christ as their savior. I wanted to ask how you deal with the old age question of: "where were you god when I was being sexually abused and how did you intervene?" this is something i battle with time to time as a victim. personally, i know our trust is broken but i think that there should be a legitimate answer to god's place and purpose during the times we are deeply being assaulted.

my best answer to this question has been jesus christ. the intercedding that we deeply wanted has occurred already and that we must wait until jesus christ to come back to finalize the work of god. therefore, i am hopeful to know that pain is being sacrificed for souls because it is the only reason why jesus is waiting to come back, when everyone has heard the gospel. this gives me hope...i would like to hear how you deal with this and share anything that helps you that can help me.

i want to add however, that as of recently, i've learned to cry and be angry at god and accept that he still loves me. this too has helped me realize that he is a loving god who did not neglect me.


Unfortunatly Some of us can't wait that long, do you think he can hurry it up a bit?

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