Hey guys,

I wanted to chime in on this inspirational post. While it is true we can never fully know one another we do share much of the same emotions in the face of the abuse. I simply want to state that we essentially heal at different rates and we have all used different coping techniques along the way. The journey hurts like hell that is for sure. I am constantly discovering old ways still lurking in certain situations. But like Danny I am fascinated by the human experience and our ability to develop to pathways in our bid to overcome our traumatic past.

I certainly do believe that the abuse will someday be a faint memory of what once was but I am also aware that it has shaped the man I am today. This kind of hurt deepens our compassion
towards others around us and towards ourselves. The pain and fear is hard to bear at times but I will not be denied the happiness I truly deserve.

There is so much darkness that clouds my past that I refuse to fuel it with negativity. Sometimes friends and family ask me what I am on and I simply tell them it's a genuine belief in the concept of Love. I have read great books on the subject and they have altered my perceptions. Eastern philosophy, meditation, martial arts and many other things have been used to recover from CSA.

Like my uncle said: "Sometimes I have good days and sometimes I have great days."


I am the warrior.