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#275116 - 02/13/09 08:49 PM 13yr old boy is dad
king tut Offline

Registered: 02/13/08
Posts: 2488
Loc: UK
13 yr old dad

Go to the site i linked, look at the pictures of the kid, he is 13 but when his girlfriend conceived he was 12, he looks more like he is 8yrs old.

Watch the video, this kid is clearly not emotionally developed, not in any sense, and when asked how he will survive finacially he asks "what is financial?"
Why was this kid having sex!!! and the girl is 15 too

Baby-faced boy Alfie Patten is father at 13

BOY dad Alfie Patten yesterday admitted he does not know how much nappies cost — but said: “I think it’s a lot.”
Baby-faced Alfie, who is 13 but looks more like eight, became a father four days ago when his girlfriend Chantelle Steadman gave birth to 7lb 3oz Maisie Roxanne.

He told how he and Chantelle, 15, decided against an abortion after discovering she was pregnant.

The shy lad, whose voice has not yet broken, said: “I thought it would be good to have a baby.

“I didn’t think about how we would afford it. I don’t really get pocket money. My dad sometimes gives me £10.”

Alfie, who is just 4ft tall, added: “When my mum found out, I thought I was going to get in trouble. We wanted to have the baby but were worried how people would react.

“I didn’t know what it would be like to be a dad. I will be good, though, and care for it.”

Alfie's story, broken exclusively by The Sun today has sparked a huge political storm with Tory leader David Cameron saying: "When I saw these pictures this morning, I just thought how worrying that in Britain today children are having children.

"I hope that somehow these children grow up into responsible parents but the truth is parenthood is just not something they should be thinking about right now."

PM Gordon Brown refused to comment directly on the story but said it was important that the Government did all it could to prevent teenage pregnancies.

Alfie’s dad Dennis yesterday told how the lad does not really understand the enormity of his situation — but seemed desperate to be a devoted and responsible father.

He wanted to be the first to hold Maisie after the hospital birth. He tenderly kisses the baby and gives her a bottle.

And Dennis, 45, said: “He could have shrugged his shoulders and sat at home on his Playstation. But he has been at the hospital every day.”

Maisie was conceived after Chantelle and Alfie — just 12 at the time — had a single night of unprotected sex.

They found out about the baby when Chantelle was 12 weeks pregnant.

But they kept it a secret until six weeks later when Chantelle’s mum Penny, 38, became suspicious about her weight gain and confronted her.

After that Alfie’s family told only those closest to them for fear he would be “demonised” at school.

Chantelle gave birth to Maisie on Monday night after a five-hour labour at Eastbourne Hospital, East Sussex.

Last night she told The Sun: “I’m tired after the birth. I was nervous after going into labour but otherwise I was quite excited.”

Chantelle told how she discovered she was expecting after going to her GP with “really bad” stomach pains. She said: “Me and Alfie went. The doctor asked me whether we had sex. I said yes and he said I should do a pregnancy test. He did the test and said I was pregnant. I started crying and didn’t know what to do.

“He said I should tell my mum but I was too scared.

“We didn’t think we would need help from our parents. You don’t really think about that when you find out you are pregnant. You just think your parents will kill you.”

But Penny figured out what was going on after buying Chantelle a T-shirt which revealed her swelling tum.

Chantelle admitted she and Alfie — who are both being supported by their parents — would be accused of being grossly irresponsible. She said: “We know we made a mistake but I wouldn’t change it now. We will be good loving parents.

“I have started a church course and I am going to do work experience helping other young mums.

“I’ll be a great mum and Alfie will be a great dad.”

Chantelle and Maisie were released from hospital yesterday. They are living with Penny, Chantelle’s jobless dad Steve, 43, and her five brothers in a rented council house in Eastbourne. The family live on benefits. Alfie, who lives on an estate across town with mum Nicola, 43, spends most of his time at the Steadmans’ house.

He is allowed to stay overnight and even has a school uniform there so he can go straight to his classes in the morning.

Alfie’s dad, who is separated from Nicola, believes the lad is scared deep down.

He said: “Everyone is telling him things and it’s going round in his head. It hasn’t really dawned on him. He hasn’t got a clue of what the baby means and can’t explain how he feels. All he knows is mum and dad will help.

“When you mention money his eyes look away. And she is reliant on her mum and dad. It’s crazy. They have no idea what lies ahead.”

Dennis, who works for a vehicle recovery firm, described Alfie as “a typical 13-year-old boy”.

He said: “He loves computer games, boxing and Manchester United.” Dennis, who has fathered nine kids, told how he was “gobsmacked” when he discovered Alfie was to be a dad, too.

He said: “When I spoke to him he started crying. He said it was the first time he’d had sex, that he didn’t know what he was doing and of the complications that could come.

“I will talk to him again and it will be the birds and the bees talk. Some may say it’s too late but he needs to understand so there is not another baby.”

Chantelle’s mum said: “I told her it was lovely to have the baby but I wish it was in different circumstances. We have five children already so it’s a big financial responsibility. But we are a family and will pull together and get through.

“She’s my daughter. I love her and she will want for nothing.”

Last night Michaela Aston, of the anti-abortion Christian charity LIFE, said: “We commend these teenagers for their courage in bringing their child into the world.

“At the same time this is symptomatic of the over-sexualisation of our youngsters and shows the policy of value-free sex education just isn’t working.”

Today Sussex Police and the local council's children services said they have investigated the case and pledged continued support for the young parents.

Britain’s youngest known father is Sean Stewart. He became a dad at 12 when the girl next door, 15-year-old Emma Webster, gave birth in Sharnbrook, Bedford, in 1998. They split six months later.

Sun Columnist
AT first glance, Alfie Patten looks like a young lad proudly welcoming his new baby sister into the world.

To learn this baby-faced child is actually the father of the newborn shocked me to the core.

Twelve-year-old boys should be playing football and computer games — not having sex and playing dad.

His assertion that he “will be good and care for it” is heartbreakingly naïve.

How? He doesn’t even get pocket money.

Neither Alfie nor his “girlfriend” seemed to have the faintest clue about what might be the life-changing consequences of their actions.

What a damning indictment on Britain’s hugely expensive sex education programme in schools.

When boys as emotionally and physically child-like as Alfie start creating babies, it’s the thin end of a wedge that will break the existing cracks in society so wide open that there’ll be no hope of repair.


#275172 - 02/14/09 02:40 AM Re: 13yr old boy is dad [Re: king tut]
WalkingSouth Offline

Registered: 08/30/05
Posts: 16270
Loc: Waldport, Oregon
wow! okay then. no idea what to do with this information other than shake my head and be thankful it wasn't me or mine. holy moly!

"Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting 'Holy Shit! What a ride!'" ~Hunter S. Thompson

#275174 - 02/14/09 03:02 AM Re: 13yr old boy is dad [Re: WalkingSouth]
Sans Logos Offline

Registered: 05/31/03
Posts: 5796
Loc: in my own world in pittsburgh,...

well he comes in with a close second to the virgin mary who reportedly was 12 when she became betrothed to joseph.

sex was probably one of god's better ideas, but he forgot to put an off button on it.

just think...when his son turns the age he is now, he'll be.....his older brother!

yuk yuk

Ron Schulz, MSPC, NCC

#275187 - 02/14/09 04:11 AM Re: 13yr old boy is dad [Re: Sans Logos]
Trucker51 Offline

Registered: 05/21/08
Posts: 2826
Loc: Denver, CO
Think that is bad, how about being a grandfather at the age of 25?

That would really be a world record.

Speaking of how are they going to support their kids, how about
that woman with 14 kids including the newborn octuplets?

Maybe this kid and his teenage "abuser" will have a big family too!


"We stay here, we die here. We've got to keep moving". Trucker Mark

#275195 - 02/14/09 05:42 AM Re: 13yr old boy is dad [Re: Trucker51]
loberhead Offline

Registered: 10/21/08
Posts: 172
I feel bad in a way, because I had sex at 14 with my girlfriend. She was a year older than me. (What's with these 15 year old girls?!). But, I'd like to think we were mature for our ages. That probably has to do with abuse. Even so, I guess it wasn't a good idea. I'm glad I don't have any kids.

#275219 - 02/14/09 04:51 PM Re: 13yr old boy is dad [Re: loberhead]
onlyakid Offline

Registered: 03/31/04
Posts: 1577
Loc: New Jersey
I think trucker is right, I think this was abuse. It would have been in NJ. Apparently its not in the UK or this story would have been much different. Viewing the video makes me even more certain, if that is his "girlfriend" in the video with him then she is so much bigger than him, she's alot bigger than most 12 year olds. And we know that they were having sex when he was 12, it wouldn't shock me if it was earlier than that like 10, 11. And what is a 15 year old doing with a 12 year old? Don't know how schooling works in the UK but here in the US, she would be a in her 2nd year of High school (Sophomore) and he'd be in the 7th grade. This sounds really fishy to me.

"Being with people that understand you...Priceless"

"and i don't want the world to see me, cause i don't think that they'd understand"

"You don't know what love just do as your told"

"My life has changed. What you take as a simple thing, is not so simple for me anymore"

#275224 - 02/14/09 05:02 PM Re: 13yr old boy is dad [Re: onlyakid]
Trucker51 Offline

Registered: 05/21/08
Posts: 2826
Loc: Denver, CO

I don't see your adventure at 14 as abusive. My first time with a girl was on the bus on the way to summer camp the summer between 9th and 10th grade. We were about the same age, and it was a couple of weeks before my 15th birthday. These days kids are often experiencing stuff a little earlier than my generation did too. As long as your experience with her was mutual and it was consensual I wouldn't have any problem with it at that age, as long as a pregnancy didn't result from it. Because at age 15 here in the US, your chance of supporting your kid is very low.

Just my opinion on consensual near same-age teen relations.


"We stay here, we die here. We've got to keep moving". Trucker Mark

#275349 - 02/15/09 05:20 PM Re: 13yr old boy is dad [Re: Trucker51]
ComicBookGuy Offline

Registered: 02/08/09
Posts: 443
Loc: London, England
Well the 13 year old's taking a DNA test now, even so, everything that's been said has been said in this case, even from the useless parents. He should indeed have been playing on his bike or playing soccer instead of shagging about, whether or not he's one of 9.

Edited by ComicBookGuy (02/15/09 05:21 PM)

#275379 - 02/15/09 09:05 PM Re: 13yr old boy is dad [Re: ComicBookGuy]
riveerboy Offline

Registered: 02/05/09
Posts: 84
Loc: Indiana
To make everything worse,..... I heard they were going to be on the Maury show.

Bad joke, I know..........

#275382 - 02/15/09 09:14 PM Re: 13yr old boy is dad [Re: riveerboy]
EGL Offline
Moderator Emeritus
Registered: 06/19/04
Posts: 7821
Wow, and just when I thought that nothing else in life could shock me any more, I'm proved wrong. frown Poor kids, and poor baby.

And yeah, the Maury show is shockingly predictable for this story. I'm sure it'll be there soon.


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