I have recently come out after a long journey to discover who I am. I have lived as a heterosexual man for many years, and now that I am accetpting the fact that I am gay, I am amazed at the overt discrimination I face from my own country.

I have fallen in love with a survivor. He lives in Canada and I live in Colorado. We are trying to work out ways for him to relocate here to be with me - Canada is more tolerant of gay couples, but there are myriad reasons for him to move to the US, two of them being my young children.

If I had fallen in love with a woman, it would be an easy task to get her here - but because We are both men, I am unable to sponsor him as my life partner.

Please read the email below and, if it feels right, please contact your representative about this bill. I am hopeful that the new administration will begin to make changes, but they need to hear from citizens.

I hope this was the appropriate place to post this information.

Thank you all,

Dan and Michael.

Here is the Email from UAFA

One More Thing You Can Do:
Ask your family to call their Representatives!

Rep. Jerrold Nadler is reintroducing the Uniting American Families Act tomorrow, Feb. 12

Please call your Representative before noon tomorrow if you havenít yet! (see Feb. 5 blog for a>
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