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#274326 - 02/07/09 04:17 PM OCD & Sexual Abuse
Charlie24 Offline

Registered: 09/28/08
Posts: 562
Hey guys I've been wondering about this for a long time now. I hope this is in the correct forum. I was sexually abused when I was young. When I went to see a few therapists back in the 2003 - 2005, I believe, I was diagnosed with O.C.D. I've always wondered if the abuse has played a role in the O.C.D. I live with on a daily basis. I remember the therapists wanted to treat me with depression medication for my O.C.D. I always felt it made it worse. This is starting to turn into a rant. Does anyone know if OCD and CSA are directly correlated? I'm curious if you guys suffer from OCD as well? What are your thoughts gentlemen?


#274357 - 02/07/09 08:47 PM Re: OCD & Sexual Abuse [Re: Charlie24]
Juni Offline

Registered: 12/10/08
Posts: 502
Loc: Florida, WPB
Hi Charlie,

Iíve been told by my past psychiatrist that I had OCD traits. I donít know. Its been a part of me for so long that I canít be any other way. I used to take prozac years ago. I worked on it for a long time. I wonít take medications for it any more. Does it get in the way sometimes? Yes, but not as much as it used to. I do believe Iíve made some strides. Do I believe it comes from my csa. Yes, I do. My T says it is possible.

For me it is all anxiety related. Leaning how to intervene before the anxiety gets bad is the key. Some ocd activities can be useful, cleaning, organizing, and researching how to overcome things. If it get in the way of normal life then its bad. Humans are dynamic, such that the multiple variables related to our multiple experiences need to be considered and can all play a part in our recovery process. One step at a time is key. Please allow yourself time and be systematic. If your ocd is anywhere as bad as mine is then this is imported.


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#274367 - 02/08/09 12:08 AM Re: OCD & Sexual Abuse [Re: Juni]
Dusty Boy Offline

Registered: 11/15/08
Posts: 280
Loc: Australia
Hi Charlie,

My first T told me I had mild OCD traits and that they are related to my CSA. I was amazed, so I monitered my behaviour and sure enough I recognised what he ment, they are mild so do not disrupt my life so its not an issue with me. I have a friend that has OCD and was CSA yet he will not deal with his issues head on so he is getting worse. My friend was told to love his OCD and when he started to get anxious to remind himself that he had done his ritual ---- and to reasure himself that it was a copeing method that helped him survive so take away the negative and give himself permission to continue his day. This worked for his need to check all power was turned off before he left the house. His ritual was to turn off a power source and say out loud I am now safe this power is off then repeat the process at the next source. in less than 1 year he stopped the vocal ritual and just turns off all power and leaves the house and occasionally congratulates himself for his pogress. Good luck with both issues I have seen 7 T's and hope that i have the right one now. regarding the meds its your body and you have the choice as to taking meds or not, so dont give up on finding the right T help is out there.


#274418 - 02/08/09 02:56 PM Re: OCD & Sexual Abuse [Re: Dusty Boy]
joelRT Offline

Registered: 09/11/08
Posts: 1357
Loc: Quťbec, Canada
Hi Charlie,

The answer to your question is both yes & no. I've provided you with a link to the OCF. If you don't find your answer there, then I fear you never will smile

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#274530 - 02/09/09 12:51 PM Re: OCD & Sexual Abuse [Re: joelRT]
1love4christ Offline

Registered: 12/18/08
Posts: 46
Loc: ca, usa
hey charlie,

i've learned to have ocd and when i've noticed, i just would ask myself to just break away from the habit. one of the ways i have broken ocd was by asking myself, "where is my heart upon this issue?"

for example, i use to pray in the shower and asked god to wash me of the dirtiness i live with. sooner and later, i realized i was only forcing the issue and had to accept my disbelief. when i finally went to god about my pain and grief, i cried and realized i was just hurt. therefore, i have stopped and accepted what jesus christ did on the cross to wash away not just the sin of sexual abuse but all the other evils within me.

i have problems with my security as well. just like my abuser long ago who walked in my parents room to abuse me, i'm afraid that doors aren't locked in the house, cars, or anyone else that is suppose to be secure. sometimes, i will check it more than once. however, i have found peace with jesus christ when he says that the world and heaven may fall, but what he says will still happen. this has let me know that i cannot worry about the things i can't control and that if i make a mistake, its okay.

i dont worry about ocd, i just get paranoid sometimes. i dont think it controls my life. but the trauma within itself is an endless pain that i can't put into words how to face it. but i get strength in not being quiet any more. i get strength knowing my savior listens unlike anyone else and responds with open arms.



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