I grew up being physically abused by my parents. When I was 14 I was befriended by my father's two friends who evently brutally raped and burned me for years, including some cult rituals. Every since when I become emotional I burn to stop the way it makes me feel. 3 years the memories started coming back when my best friend started asking me questions when he caught me burning.

Some memories are still missing and coming back at the worst possible times. There was no one to tell and back then there wasn't laws to protect kids from molesters. All my life I thought I was the only one that this had happened to. It was eating me alive until one day I stumbled on to this site and started reading. I hurt for every one of you and unfortunately glad to know that I am no longer alone. Being able to talk to my best friend not to mention my pastoral counselor, is great, but it's not the same because they never had to survive

There are times that I can't stand the emotional pain and burn to make it stop. I survived and I care.