Hey Mike,

I really get what you mean -- there has to be a place to go, and for lots of people who were personally ready to go, there wasn't a place.

But it's also often true that we aren't ready to go until we are, and often that's not until rather late in life.

There's been places and resources availabe to me to deal with my stuff, but it's taken until I'm 45 to really, more seriously, do so.

So there's sense in applauding a young guy to have both the self-knowledge and courage to want to take stock and make life better. If I had been so bold, my life now would be different.

And yes, there's been a huge lack of resources for men who've been sexually abused, no doubt about it. So the older guys should feel really proud that they're helping to pave the way for the next generation -- it's pretty huge.

Take care,