It's been a while since I have visited the site. But today when My husband and I were talking he mentioned he was interested in a support group. So when we talked to his T this evening, she told us to try to get some survivors together and she would be happy to form a support group once a week. Cost at only $10 per session per person. "so now I just have to get the word out"

We live in West Mi. and if anyone was interested, I could give her information out. Her office is located in Muskegon Mi. about 1 hour west of Grand Rapids.

Or if anyone knows of any support groups close by, that would be great. He has been dealing with this for so long. And for those who remember me a couple of years ago when I found this site.. "he does not go on the computer" and is not his thing. So he hasn't got the support from this site, or anything really. Besides his T. He is just starting to go back to see her after almost a 8 months.

He knows MS has helped me understand more of what he goes through, and I have been able to give him some helpfl advice. But he is getting more and more desperate. He feels his life is out of control. And it seems he is just getting so sick of it haunting him daily. His T no longer accpets our insurance so forming a support group would cut down on cost so much... he could still get the therepy he needs, and also support from others.

Any advice would be helpful as well, if anyone has atempted creating a support group.

I feel so bad for what my husband is going through knowing I can't make it better. But I know I do what I can to support him.

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"Just Breath" Your here and that makes all the difference!.....(wife of a surviver, trying to survive as well!) Here to get some answers and support...Here to do what I can to be a hearing ear.....Thankyou to all of you, ahead of time!