I don't remember how i got to the garage, he was the man who first raped me along with the girl he used the first time at the old barn, i remember there was no one there only he and i, he started talking about the time in the barn with her, he started to touch and go down on me getting me ready for her arrival, she never arrived, i remember only pulling up my trousers and being in teribile pain, he had raped me violently and came inside of me i don't even remember going home or going to bed, next morning dad called me for school i told him i was sick, mun came in later and asked me what was wrong with me i said i could't go to the toilet and that i was bleeding i was crying with pain and she called the doc, he examined me and never asked anything, no one asked me what had happened, a few yrs ago i asked my eldest brother about what happened and he told me that mum had said to keep an eye on me???