Hi all:
This is my first time in this site. My wife introduced me to this site. We looked on line about a year ago and really didnt find anything that revolved around male survivors. About a year ago all of my abuse from my childhood came out. I acted out for years with affairs and fantizing about younger males while acting out with exsperienced women. About a year ago it all came to a head and has been rough ever since. My wife has been supportive through all of this and has been my rock. I have put her through the most painful feelings that she has ever been put through. But she sticks with me and I pray that she will continue to. I am glad that she introduced me to this site. About 3 weeks ago I went public with my store in a 40,000 plus distrubustion newspaper. I was working with a crises center to show support toward male survivors that maybe reluctant to come forward with their story. I am glad that I went public with my story but worry if I made the right call or not. My abuse has cost me my career, and most of all maybe my marriage, with my kids. I have considered suicied many times and the depression has its ups and downs. I love my wife and my kids and hope that some day I have their love, respect, and trust again. Thank you all for being here.