When I was about ten years old (in the early nineteen fifties)I got a bad chest infection and was confined to bed. MY parents best friends had an older son who used to join in my gamnes with me and sometimes read to me if I was very ill.

On this occasion the visiting nurse came to give me an injection and she asked him to hold my legs in case I jumped.
At the time I was concerned with the needle and didn't worry about being undressed in front of him.
After he rubbed near the needle site to help me feel better and I thought no more about it.
The next day my mother went out with his and left him to look after me. He said he needed to take my temperature and he wanted to do it the way they did when I was little which seemed strange as I hadnt had it done that way for ages but I let him.

I looked across and he was stroking himself. After he removed the thermometer he wanted me to stroke him and I refused and he seemed a bit disappointed but ok with it.
This continued while I was ill he seemed to arrange to be there when the nurse came so he would assist and then comfort me. If we were alone he wanted to take my temperature and he would play with himself.

Things went from bad to worse