Well, the "two for one special" does have a lot of appeal, but I can't see any politicians touting that as their campaign line!

1. Would you believe what an admitted/convicted abuser said to you in response to your question?

It would be hard for me to accept ANYTHING they said as the truth. They were liars back then, to get what they wanted, and it worked. Has anything happened to them to change their thinking? They would have to work VERY hard to convince me.
That's about 90% "No"

2. Do you care if they get treatment?
Yes, treatment is essential. Society in general will learn from from them during their treatment, and maybe one day a 100% surefire treatment will be found, it's unlikely, but if treatment save just one child from what we've gone through then it's got to be done.
That's a "Yes"

3. Do you believe that "treatment" will insure they will not reoffend?
No I don't. We're nowhere near that point. I think that containment is the only realistic answer for a large majority of offenders.
So much of offending is in the mind, as opposed to the sex organs. In the book "The Hunt for Britain's Pedophiles" the head of the Wolvercote clinic ( our only treatment centre ) states that some offenders who have taken anti-arousal drugs, and undergone chemical castration STILL re-offend. The don't need the 'equipment' to do it.
So that's got to be about a 95% "No"


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