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#265345 - 12/05/08 11:28 AM Re: Why do abusers abuse? [Re: jacobtk]
Stretch73 Offline

Registered: 06/27/08
Posts: 336
Loc: Sea Isle City, NJ
This thread has certainly turned into quite a direction. Originally, the topic posted by Steveb121 just over a week ago, it has spurned into an epic of adventure, drama, thriller, the evil depths of the dark horrors, to the lucrative world of the bold documentary. We’ve lacked comedy throughout, which may be a good thing. Unfortunately, we’ve also lacked the compassion that accompanies every feel-good sort of holiday flick. You know those movies that make you come to grips with your own achievements and lack of, and for one short time, you place yourself in the shoes of the actor and you feel for him or her, and a reckless tear vacates the eye, and no matter how hard you try to wipe it away before anyone notices, it’s too late. Your loved ones and fellow movie goers have seen your discontentment or joy for being able to identify and connect with the character involved.

Not unlike many directors, we’re all passionate about getting this movie right and making certain its’ facts are preserved and the truth prevails. Unfortunately, I think we miss important parts of the story and the plot thins, because the facts are drowning the entertainment value. We’re losing sight of who the characters are and what they stand for, so much so, we don’t even remember who they are toward the middle and end of this movie.

So… as any top Hollywood director would do, we stop production and gather the fleet together and try to realize what direction we’re taking this thing. Everyone’s point is valid and important. Everyone has an opinion of where we went wrong and how we can make it right, again, and again, and again. We need to insert a touch of our own stories into the pot to allow the plot to thicken, and everyone needs to get their taste, whether you disagree with this, or I disagree with that. It’s not your right or my right to tell the director whom he can and cannot choose to play characters in this film. He chose already, and here we are. I’m just as angry as anyone to not have the leading role, and I certainly wish I could be in, at least, the supporting cast, but I must settle for being a lonely and lowly extra. (I’m that guy way in the back, towering over everyone else, and NO, I’m not standing on top of anything.)

So let’s get this production moving again! Let us all understand and support the forthcomings and shortcomings of our fellows actors; this is a documentary of our lives and I want that Oscar, and I want those Two Thumbs Up.

Let us stop arguing about who is right and who is not, and move toward how we can overcome our immediate dilemma so we can look forward to the end of this, now, mini-series, before it grows into sitcom that would rival the airing years of Cheers, and ER, and Law & Order combined, multiplied by 1000.

If you want dibs on the credit list and where your name is placed, know that I am happy to be last.

Does anyone have a title?

Director: Mr. Perp
Producers: Mr. Perp, Mr. Perp’s wife who had knowledge, and Mr. Perp’s friends with knowledge.
Costumes: None were needed.
Music: Sad
Book Adaptation: Many
Cast: You fill in the blanks.
12,000,000,000,000. Stetch73

"I was so poor growing up, that if I wasn't born a boy, I wouldn't have had anything to play with." Rodney Dangerfield

#265424 - 12/05/08 07:32 PM Re: Why do abusers abuse? [Re: Stretch73]
usmc97 Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 08/02/05
Posts: 515
Loc: Colorado
This "movie" is no fantasy and is far from fact based fiction. I live it everyday and I envy those who do not have a world like mine. The few who can come up with theoretical conclusions and not even entertain the desparation of someone like me creates such a void. My thought process is always that some kid right now could be getting hurt exactly like I was at their age. It is repeatedly happening to me now and I still can't handle it. Isn't one thing worse enough? I'm speaking of what my perps do and I don't see much difference in what was done to any of you.

The question was why do perps do what they do. There are plenty of reasons that can be attatched but the end result is that they either do it on their own accord or can't stop themselves. They all need both help and supervision indefinately. Still in any explaination it's their choice, their evil, and their irresponsibility.

Do perps actively play a role in helping me? Where does this thing of prevention come from in that if we just educate them, show some compassion for their "struggle", and teach them enough that they will become safe? Please tell me how you get to that with something other than hope. There is no possible way to even prove it without putting a kid in harms way. How do we end up having to try to convince them that it could be any more intolarable than it blatantly is on its own? How can any adult man or woman get off with them saying "well I just didn't understand that it was that wrong"? The worst of my perps do and did everything to make me nothing but their object to torture for there gratification. Separate from them, my first perp got me to love him and my last perp demonized me to get what he wanted when all I did was run to him for help. Where do I fit if I am expendable? When will how I suffer and how others suffer really matter? I'm not collateral damage! Please don't make that my life! Please!!!!!

Semper Fi

The statistics? 1 in 4, 1 in 6?
...then me the imaginary number

Abuse Part I&II


#453772 - 11/15/13 05:31 PM Re: Why do abusers abuse? [Re: steveb121]
jas4159 Offline

Registered: 06/16/11
Posts: 483
Loc: New Hampshire
I think there are to many answers to this question. They dod it becuase they can. they do it becuase they are getting even or back at someone. they do it becuase they were conditioned to do it. they do it for a hundred other reasons.



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