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#26282 - 04/17/02 10:53 PM ..could genetics play a role?

If it'd been said 40 years ago that many persons are genetically predisposed towards homosexuality we'd have all laughed. Now we know it's true. Could there also be a genetic predisposition for some adults to seek out children as sexual partners? If so that may explain why "treating" such offenders rarely works. Next question would be was there ever a period during human evolution where procreation at the earliest possible moment was necessary to the survival of the species? Could men compulsively seeking sex with pubescent girls and/or committing forcible rape be the genetic holdover from ancient times? At least in some instances?

#26283 - 04/18/02 08:52 PM Re: ..could genetics play a role?
Just Call me J Offline

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I've wondered about the role of genetics myself, though from a different perspective.

I work with children ages 4-12, and after working with teens, I find this age group to be my niche. All through elementary school, I volunteered to be a tutor to younger kids. Service to others seems to be in my blood (there are several teachers, a social worker, and a minister within just a few steps of me in my family tree).

Now, I don't have the desire to have sex with any of the kids I work with. But I feel like my desire to work with that age group comes from outside of me. It is a calling for me. And being an avid Star Wars fan, I wonder if this "calling" to work with kids is just like the Force: either you have it, or you don't, and you can have it in small proportions, or large proportions.

I happen to use my calling for the "Light Side," to help kids to grow, and become better human beings. But obviously, there are those that see someone smaller than themselves as objects to please themselves. And the serial abusers do seem to have a very real rapport that helps them to groom their victims. They, obviously, are on the "Dark Side."

In my family, service to others is probably a learned trait (modeled since birth, and developed into my core values), however that service can go in many different directions, and my calling is toward kids, my uncle's calling is toward the ministry. Maybe it's more spiritual than genetic. Or maybe it's a recessive gene...

Food for thought. Eat up!

We're in this together.


We're in this together. - Nine Inch Nails

#26284 - 04/18/02 11:27 PM Re: ..could genetics play a role?

I stay away from kids. In fact,I just willed my half million dollars worth of North Tustin property to the Tustin Boys & Girls Club. But I'd never volunteer to work there. I feel uncomfortable around kids. To me they're like space-aliens. Back when I was 12 in 1958 I was forced to become an adult. So all the kid-stuff that other kids went thru,I missed. So I really have nothing in common with kids. Also,common perception these days is if you're molested during childhood there's some uncontrolable automatic mechanism that turns you into a child molester. I don't believ it. But I won't take any chances,just in case. So I avoid kids like the plague. If you were a victim of childhood molestation and now you're seeking-out kids to work with you're playing a dangerous game. I mean,if nothing else if there's ever an accussation of molestation who do you think the cops will come after first? They'll fry you like a tortilla.


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