Hello gentlemen, we heard your request for a forum like this and after some discussion, we think it will be a very good thing. Unfortunately, the forum opened, but not exactly the way it was planned. The idea here will be for anyone who wants to post a success story, or successful moment, to write their post and then, just as in the Survivor Stories Forum, it will be submitted for approval by the mods and then locked once it is posted to the forum. Our reasoning for this was to have a place for you to state something you believe is a good thing, be it a milestone, an "aha moment," encouragement based on your own journey, etc. without the possibility of your milestone being diluted with posts that will take away from YOUR moment. The forum heading text will look like this:

This forum is for male survivors to make posts about areas where they are seeing progress in their recovery. Like the Survivor Stories forum, posts in this forum are locked after they are released by the moderator team so that the survivor's post stands alone as the milestone that it is. If you would like to offer support and encouragement to the poster, please send him a PM (private message). If you would like to discuss your accomplishment, please feel free to post on the DB. This is one case where duplicate postings on the DB are encouraged.

As with any change on the DB, there are bound to be a bug or two to work out, but I'm sure Nathan will rectify this one lickity-split.


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