I know I've already said said my peace regarding California's proposition 8, however... The latest statistics report that the Mormon church is singly the largest contributor supporting proposition 8 which will ban gay marriage in California. As of today, they have contributed over $20 million towards this campaign, and tonight they are sending hordes of their members to California from Utah to campaign during the last 48 hours of election time.

This is not an issue that involves just those living in California! Nor is it an issue that only involves Utah and Mormons! This affects every gay, bi, trans person in our country. This is an equal rights issue!

If California overturns the right for us to marry, it will send a message to surrounding states, the Mormon church, as well as others, that bigotry & discrimination is a value supported by our country! Not to mention, if the day comes that gay marriage is approached within your state, the California election results will certainly play a part in any states decision to pursue it.

I am asking any of you... all of you, if you have any family, friends or acquaintances that live within California, please call them, email, or contact them in whatever way possible to please ask them to VOTE NO to Proposition 8.