Yep I remember the 50's, abuse and all, plus some good stuff, like being accepted into an orphanage/home, where I was given, a family, love, security, religon and an education, we got to watch TV on Tuesday nights for about 2 hours (if we had behaved ourselfs), the only TV programs we could see was Tom Corbett space cadet (no relation), and then Uncle Milte, yep Milton Berle, and that was it. On Saturdays we had movies, The Men That Went Down to Sea In Ships, about the whale ships out of Gloster, Mass. And I got to hear the sound track from the back of the screen, as I was a bad boy.I was safe from my perpertraters for atleast 9 months of the school year. But Summer break time I was fresh bait all over again. I was there from Sep. '49 - May '53. Then on my 17th Birthday, I went into the Air Force, (1956) and I was free at last from my perpertrators male & female. But I consider the years in the orphanage/Home 49-53 the best years of my young life, (excluding the abuse of course) My Air Force career then in the '50's took me to South Carolina & on to Germany. The '60's took me from Germany-Utah till '68 then to Vietnam (I voulintered) Jul 68-Jul69 then back to Germany and that ended the '60's. My various cars were a 50 Chevy & 50 Buick Roadmaster hard top convert. and another 50 Buick 4 door (it used to be an Air Force staff car) is was owned by the NCOIC of the motorpool at Wiesbaden, Germany. Then back to the USA & South Carolina, I had a 56 Ford Fairlane hard top convertable & a 53 Chevy that got better gas mileage than oil mileage. Then back to Germany and a 65 VW bug convertable then a 66 Rambler American 440 convertable and took it to Utah, Sold it when I shipped out for Vietnam. After Vietnam back to Germany with a 69 VW fastback 2 dr. That was my 50's & 60's. I had no girl friends during those years. But those web pages sure brought back a lot of very good memories. Thanks for sharing them. Heal well my friends.
Pete (Irishmoose)

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