I read a lot of poetry, I even attempt to write some, but usually find someone who has expressed a thought or and idea so perfectly that I just like to share it. This one really talks to me about taking the steps forward I baulk at all the time.

Leap of Faith

Itís that moment that comes from every action
The moment when we release all that is known
Itís the time when our feet take off from the ground
When we leave all the sites that weíve been before

Itís that moment from which we all cower away
So we donít have to let go of what we hold close
Itís that place when out into the darkness we leap
A place of insecurity and of the unknown

Itís right when we jump from the plane that first time
Or just as we take the floor for a speech
Itís when we dial the numbers for that call
Or right as we take that first step towards our goals

It comes when we open our soul to another
Or when we begin any creative endeavor
We feel it every time we start a new business
Leaving the shelter of the paycheck we knew

It is when we pass the point of no return
The point being our knowledge of what the outcome will be
We take a risk of everything that we have
Not knowing if we will fail or succeed

We might fall and get cuts, scratches, or bruises
Itís almost guaranteed every time we try
What then possesses us to attempt such madness
To venture out to where we often get knocked down

Perhaps, it is knowing something greater lies beyond
Something we canít comprehend before that big leap
Something that only lies within our imagination
A reward we know that is worth more than the risk

Itís the only way through which growth can be attained
Or by which any goal can be accomplished
Itís that leap of faith from our sure foundation
Letting go of the past in hope of something better

I hope that our lives are always full of these leaps
Because without them life is pointless and incomplete
We always treasure those experiences so precious
Even though we couldnít stand to be in them

ĖJason Westlake
Sat., November 4, 2006

Keep Smilin'