What if a guy had amnesia sleep when he was an old man. He can't remember who he is or anything about his life up to that point. He turns up (if I heard correctly) naked outside of a gay bar near Savannah Georgia. He had been beat up and had no identification. He was thoroughly tested by the medical community and he genuinely had amnesia.

Well, this guy was on Dr. Phil this afternoon. Did anybody see this?

Now, whatever you think of Dr. Phil, put that aside. Who is this guy. Those who chose to help him say he is a genuinely nice guy and has a helpful spirit, etc.

Was he a survivor, as we all are survivors? Or was he a perp?

Probably nobody is still reading this, but I want to point out that the guy had some kind of a memory of Denver and of Catholic schooling. Well, One of my perps fits all of these criteria. Every one of them!

If it's him, he has really changed. (+50 years). If so, he has served a prison term for CSA (I think). Would it be better to ignore this and let the guy have a fresh start in life, or would it be better to make the contact as to who he is?

What would you do?


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