I know i'm certainly not the only person here guilty of playing puzle games in down moments.

One which i've pretty much lived on in some parts of the passed couple of years is a game called Rocks -n- diamonds.

to anyone who owned various computer systems, it's an absolutely huge free game project which lets you play all sorts of levels from many tile based puzle and collection games like boulderdash, emerald mine, Diamond caves, supaplex, and Sokoban.

But I certainly hadn't played any of these games at all myself before I started on Rnd (though sinse then thanks to rnd that's another story).

We're not talking a huge 3d monster of a complex game here, in fact I even got my mum playing rnd recently. Just a symple old fashioned brain teaser, ----- with a bit of low grade action thrown in depending upon what levels you play, ----- and sinse I think the game's currently up to about 80000 levels or so there's a lot of choice.

so, both to say a big thank you to rnd for giving my brain something logical to do in moments when it really! would rather do nasty things, and because I know there are a good few people here who would probably appreciate a simple but very addictive and logical puzle game, this is sort of a formal recommendation, sinse it's got me through some very! hard times.

You can download rocks -n- diamonds from http://www.artsoft.org/rocksndiamonds/

for many extra levels and such, i'd also recommend having a look at http://www.bd-fans.com/RnD.html

I'm sorry if this sounds like an advert or something (though slightly pointless sinse the game is free), but as I said, this is something that's actually helped me, odd as it sounds.