I agree that some priest perpetrate on boys because of repressing their sexuality and it is a horrible outlet. I called this "situational pedophilia" in another post--linking it to jail/prison "Situational homosexuality."

"Which brings me to two questions:
Do priests undergo any kind of psychological screening prior to being placed and/or trained?"

Yes, but they probably cannot pinpoint pedophiles from the tests they administer--two full days of diagnostic testing prior to being accepted as a seminarian.

"Will they ever switch off the sexual pressure cooker they impose on priests?
Doubtful they will allow priests to express all spheres of their humanity - the church doesn't want marriages to endanger their money."

They can learn from other denominations how to protect their monies. So long as Pope JP II lives, there will be no such thing as married priests. His short-lived predecessor had different ideas--due to the lack of 'voice' from an unmarried male in parts of Africa (meaning you're not a 'man' until you are married and are treated as a boy)--which could have then applied to the rest of the church, but JP I believed in eliminating the hordes of money in the Vatican as well.

Jim C.

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