I don't realy now why or how but we are moving with Ernie to Idaho. Dad takes sister,Ernie and I over to this house wich I thought was Ernie's place. Dad say's he will be back he leaves us there and he goes to load the car. The house is small and there is a pinball machine. Ernie takes my sister who is 9 over to the pinball machine and show's her how to play. I have to share something the phone rang the other night and to my surprise my sister is dead. My brother-inlaw told me she had fallen down the stairs and when he came home from work there she was at the bottom. I feel realy bad for my sister and I never talked about any of the abuse and now my link is gone.Sorry got alittle off track any way we are in this house Ernie takes me into the bedroom closes the door and the room is dark for the shade is pulled. There is enough lite to see and to my left there is this man comepletly naked. Ernie pushes me towards him and Howard tries to take my pants off and is feeling me up. I scream and run out of the room and am so scared. Howard comes up to me sorry didn't mean to scare you. He then takes me inside the out house locks the door. He tells me he has heard so much about me he wanted to see for himself. He takes my pants and shorts down and starts to rubbing me and telling me how beautiful I am. I am scared and freeze and after a short time he stops and gets me dressed and lets me out. Why would Ernie do this I thought he cared for me. After we are settled in Ernies house he takes my dad and introduces him to a lady who Ernie works with who hs three kids of her own. There are two girls one wich is my sisters age. She also has a son the same age as I am at first I didn't get why the fast introduction. Dad goes out some times doesn't come home so Ernie has me to himself. There would be times in the middle of the night I would wake to Ernie stroking me my shorts pulled down and must have liked it for I was erect. I also become good friends with this ladys son Marvin. We end up getting a job delivering news papers after school. I will never for get this one day Ernie and I are alone and its the middle of the day. Ernie takes me into the bedroom puts me on top of the bed and takes all of my cloths off. I am 12 still not going through puberty yet. Ernie tells me how beautiful I am as he cresses and strokes me untill I am erect. Then he takes me in his mouth and I must be liken it for it feels good and then I get this tingle feeling through out my body he stops. Ernie says you were about to cum. Hell I didn't even know what that was or what was happening. Ernie then puts me back inside his mouth and goes up and down and all the sudden this feeling comes over me and I pee in his mouth. I guess he had stold my virginity. Ernie takes his pants and shorts off and makes me take him in my mouth. I am scared but do it and hate the taste and after a little while and him growning takes me into the bathroom. Ernie starts stroking himself untill this white stuff goes into the sink. Ernie tells me that is cum and I get this sick feeling in my stamak. That was the start of Ernie knowing he could get me off when ever he wanted. Then one day my dad got into a accident and was to be in the hospital for a while. That very first night Ernie had me sleep in his bed and as I am climbing into bed he ask what are you doing? I look at him and he says take off the shorts you don't need them. I was very uncofortable being naked in bed but did what I was asked. Ernie held me close told me he loved me like a son and I thought he really did. But all he wanted was this little boys body to do what he wanted with it. Marvin came up to me in school and told me he wanted to have sex with my sister. I told him that no she is to young besides thats crazy. I decided to tell Ernie mistake. I was in taking a bath Ernie walks in closes the door no big deal he came in lots of times and some times he would wash me or play with peter untill I was erect. Ernie helps me out of the tub takes into the bedroom naked no big deal done this before. I look straight ahead and my sister is laying on the bed naked. Ernie sucks on my peter to get me erect I am only parshall and he try's to get me to penatrate my sister and he is telling us about sex. My whole body shuts down I am trembling and no matter how hard Ernie try's it doesn't work. Ernie takes his finger and penatrates her she is crying and I along with her. We get dressed and that was that. Marvin comes over to spend the night as my sister is over at Marvins house. Ernie picked up some wine and poured Marvin and I a glass. The Ernie throws a ash tray and a pack of smokes on the table. Marvin looks at me and Ernie says go on I know that you both smoke. So we each take a cig and light up Marvin likes the wine but I don't. Then after the wine is gone and Marvin has a good buzz going it's time for bed. Ernie has all three of us sleep in his bed. Marvin strips down to his shorts and climbs in next to the wall. Ernie climbs in the middle and I am on the outside. Ernie goes down Marvins underware and Marvin says stop it but Ernie continuse and Marvin yells I will tell my mom. Ernie then turns to me takes my underware off and gets me erect and sucks on my peter untill I cum in his mouth. Then he flips me over on my stomak puts a sock in my mouth pins my arms down and spreads my legs apart. I have no idea what the hell he is doing. Ernie takes his finger and penatrates me and tears are streaming down my face as he keeps going in and out with his fingers. The pain is like nothing I have ever felt and just when I think he is done. ERNIE SAYS CAN'T WAIT TO PUT MY DICK INSIDE YOU. He stops comforts me and tells me he loves me. I feel dirty ashamed and hope the hell Marvin didn't here or see anything. The next morning I grab my shorts run into the bathroom close the door. I grab a wash cloth and start scrubbing my rectrum and have streeks of blood in the wash cloth. Ernie walks in what are you doing? trying to get clean. Marvin gets up and Ernie goes out to meet him and I get myself together. I find out that Marvin did see and here everything not good. He tells his mom and yes I tell my dad and when we go to comfront Ernie he is gone never saw him again. There is still more sorry for the long post.