I cringe and tear up thinking about writing these words. I find the courage to do so through the other who have come before me and I hope to provide some inspiration for those who come after me.

Just a boy, I was just a boy. A new family had moved in next door, they had a son about my age. I did not find him interesting, I was interested in playing sport all day and he simply was not. My Mother suggested that I spend more time with him because he was having a difficult time at home. It was no bother to me, I had always enjoyed helping other.
One night I was awaken by sirens out front of my house, there was a domestic issue at the neighbors house. To avoid any confrontation my mother had the Mother and son spend the night with at our home. This occurred without incident.
A few months had gone by and the domestic issues had been sorted out. The family asked my mother if I could spend the night in order to repay us for the kindness which we demonstrated to them in their time of need.
At first it seemed like a normal childhood sleep over, we watched some movies on the VCR and played cards with his Mom. I remember being woken from my sleep from by his Dad and asked to come to his their bedroom. He stuck like beer, I could tell he was drunk. It reminded me of my Father. We went to his room and memories start to become hazy. At first he was drinking beer and his Mom was in their naked doing something to him with her mouth (I had no idea what this was at the time). Then he began to have sex with her in front of both myself and his son. I knew what this was and I began to cry he threw the beer bottle at me. I stood there in my red feety pajamas with a clown faced sewed into the chest, frightened. His son began to unzip my pajamas as if he knew what he was doing. He did the same thing to me he had watched his mother do to his father. Then he mother came over and did the same thing to both of us.
How it ended, I am not sure I remember going home the next morning not sure what to do. For weeks I did not know what to do. I went for exceptionally long walks by myself.
In two or so weeks they (my neighbors) called my house to see if I could stay over for a birthday party, my Mother excepted the invitation. I pleaded with her not to go but she just thought I did not like the son because he was different. I could not muster the courage to tell her.
Forced I went back to the house and the story was the same. It remained the same for the next year or so. I remember on night some fluid came out of my penis and I cried because I thought I peed. This gave the three of them a big laugh cause apparently, they knew what it was.
I remember well they day the moved away, it was the same day I threw away those red feety pajamas with the clown head sewed into the chest