the VA has comepleted my claim and has been rated according to my record in the system and the VA rep told me yet when i spoke to them / VSO they said they could not locate my folder , as a matter of fact the decision was actually made today.
I hope to god it's good news VSO even told me last week he's virtually certain i will get an increase although who knows .....i can only sit back and wait.........right to the end your make to wait.......I was a riddled with anxiety today insisting on finding an amswer....i called the VA 5 different times today .... i am so sick of waiting ...i'm not requesting much just what i'm due as a result of the sturggle i continue to deal with on a daily basis yet being 39 i know it can't be nromal afterall people my age per se don't struggle like i have the last 17 years with ailments such as your feet.......anyway it's to frustrating to even think about.......wait i will , until the time is right......whatever.......

I wish there was something i can do...... the woman i spoke to said if there was a generated letter in the system and uploaded she would have read it to me ....but sure enough it was nowhere to be this even normal......although it's feasable that a "record" can be misplaced with all the claims clogged within the Va, it's been a long 16 months......the unknown can make you crazy and stress you out to no end....

IS THIS A GOOD SIGN.....waiting as long as i have...? ?


" You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have "