There isn’t an element of surprise anymore, anywhere, with anyone.
Our function in society is dead; I am sure of it.
Still our only preoccupation is in creating,
And we’ve given up what once mattered.

The Earth will turn and the oceans will continue
thrusting its waves onto the dirty shores of every continent.
But we are FREE… and we are artists with a new vision.

This is what you shall do:

Sing when you’re depressed!
Write when your mind is tired!
Dance when your body is weak!
Yell when your voice isn’t being heard!
Stand up and cheer - for justice!
End slavery!
End corruption!
End disgrace!
Voice your concerns to those who matter!
Limit your time with those who do not matter!
Choose friends wisely!
Play in the rain!
Believe in something or someone other than yourself!
Do not complain if you chose not to vote!
Love children and dedicate some time to at least one!
Breathe through your nose and out through your mouth!
Work hard! Eat less! Sleep sound, and dream well!
Challenge those who would insult your soul!
Stand up and by people who cannot fend for themselves!
Value love, and disrespect hate!
Accept hate as business, but don’t buy any stock!
Worry not of the past!
Learn from your mistakes!
Accept character!
If given a nickname, accept, but only if it’s fair!
Run for adrenaline!
Exercise you mind, body, and soul!
Free yourself from the chains which clench your wrists!
Make contact with the lonely! Free them from self-peril and despair!
Enjoy everyday, for which it could be your last!
Write a private letter to your adversary, then urinate on it!
Be vigilant!
Make money your necessity, but NEVER your priority!
Feed the ducks!
Show support to your leaders!
Save and garner certain wages!
Prepare for a rainy day!
Run a marathon once, just to finish!
Wake up sleepy heads… your dream is over.

Our day has only just begun.

Sing a song everyday.
Keep your voices high and gay.
If everybody sings a song,
NEVER will the world go wrong!


"I was so poor growing up, that if I wasn't born a boy, I wouldn't have had anything to play with." Rodney Dangerfield