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#251829 - 09/29/08 05:21 PM Male Survivor - Cira 2028
Stretch73 Offline

Registered: 06/27/08
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Is this what we want this site to look like in 20 years? How many of today’s children will be here tomorrow, or in 20 years? Wouldn’t it be great if the number of members on the site decreased instead of increased, and eventually this site went out of business? Can anyone imagine this happening? I can.

This topic arouse within myself after I read a post in the “Off Topic” Forum entitled “Support Group for Pedophiles.” I can only surmise that the topic, as well as many others just like it, will receive few replies, because most here cannot deal with what’s being discussed, for fear that it might “trigger” them, or remind them of their own abuse. I think this is a tragedy!

I want to be reminded of my abuse everyday, as I do think about it everyday, and I wonder if there’s a way I can use my experience to help change life’s direction of another child who is suffering today. My wishing it wasn’t still occurring, and hoping that I am not triggered by its mere discussion, is not helping the child who needs our help right now. People don’t want to talk about it because they are repulsed by it. People don’t want to watch it because they want to believe it only happens in third-world, poor countries. Most people don’t want to get involved, and they think they should just keep their mouths shut and mind their own business. How can you? Does it not bother you to see a child in pain? Does it not turn your stomach to know that your neighbor is molesting and raping his daughter or son? Does that revelation of “knowing” not want to force you into protecting that child? No. We don’t want to get involved, and why, because it’s not happening to our child, or so we think.

I propose that dedicate one full week to allow members to discuss what we can do, as a unit, in fighting the war on terror. No, not the one in Iraq, or Afghanistan, but the war of terror on our own children. We could discuss ideas on how to limit and/or eradicate the problem. We could invite law enforcement to post about crimes involving children, and maybe for just one week, we could cry for those children, and in turn, build up enough strength, and voice our opinions and our ideals. We could take our initiative to world leaders and convince them to do something more than what they are doing today. Our strength is in our numbers… all 5,000+ of us. Can we not donate one lousy week of our suffering to promote and demonstrate our concerns for those who are, at this very moment, being abused, and/or abusing a child? My mother used to say, “God gives you an entire week. You can give him one hour.” (We hated Sunday Mass. LOL)

Some members, I suspect, will curse me and call me insensitive to their feelings and their needs. I am prepared for those comments. What happened to us has already happened, and it cannot be changed. Not for all the gold in Fort Knox. But I think we have a real chance to make certain it doesn’t happen to many more children. I think we have a challenge, but also a devotion to try to lessen or eliminate the ongoing epidemic of child abuse. “There are 52 weeks in a year. We can devote one week to a child.”

The alternative is grim. If we sit back and do nothing, we assure ourselves more friendships on sites like this. The numbers are staggering, the suicide rate is progressing among teenagers, the internet is luring our youth, the times are changing, but we are not. As technology becomes even more advanced, what can we expect of the future? I cannot live another day knowing that I could’ve prevented it. I live with that notion everyday, because of one child and my inability and cowardice by not protecting that one child. I won’t make the same mistake twice. Will you?

Think about it!


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#251833 - 09/29/08 05:35 PM Re: Male Survivor - Cira 2028 [Re: Stretch73]
Leosha Offline

Registered: 06/18/03
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I thought there was 52 weeks in a year? Perhaps that is just our Julian calendar.

Anyway. I do not have to seek out things to remind me of my abuse every day. Somehow, it just happens every day regardless.

I am doing personally what I can to help others who have been abused, to help educate some of abuse, and to provide support and safety to children currently being abused in my country. I am all for everyone else doing what they are capable of in the same way. I just won't judge others to be less or more effective with it than myself. Because we all have different abilities and capabilities in this respect. Just because people are not here trumpeting about what they may be doing for 'the cause' do not mean that things are not being done every day towards it.


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#251882 - 09/29/08 08:53 PM Re: Male Survivor - Cira 2028 [Re: Leosha]
blueshift Offline

Registered: 01/21/08
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I share your need to do something. There is a lot that can be done, but which of those things really makes a difference. It's a complicated issue and the solutions are problematic. I agree; it's worthy of discussion. Someone else had a similar idea not long ago I seem to remember.

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