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If you aren't, is this a fish bowl to observe and gain knowledge for personal profit?

Sorry, but I have been a victim of those trying to exploit my experience for their own financial gain.

Ken doesn't state this, but you might want to know that he's been an active leader in this organization since before some of the guys here were born. He's been a moderator since about 1993, which is astonishing since the "life-expectancy" for a mod on a site like this is about a fifth of that. He was a president of MS and also site administrator - both those positions require a huge amount of work but are unpaid. Any expenses are also out of pocket, including air fares and other costs if you have to fly across the country for a Board of Directors meeting.

Yes, some people become fabulously wealthy from their writing, but that is exceptional. People who write books like Ken's don't even earn a buck an hour for their time and usually fail to cover their costs. I have published quite a few books (not in this field) over the course of a long university career; none has produced any significant income or covered its costs.

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