In general, this is not a forum for advertising therapy services. However, because there have been a lot of requests for information about groups for sexually abused men, I want to inform men in the New York City area that a colleague of mine, Dr. Martin Walker, will be starting a new group. He hopes it will begin at the end of May, but it would probably be a good idea to call him now if you are interested. Dr. Walker has been approved for NOMSV's Resource Directory. His name is not listed on line yet, since we are switching over to a new, less labor-intensive system for putting new names on line and in the meantime we are not going through the current time-consuming process of listing new names.

Dr. Walker's phone number is 212.769.9163 (note: this is the correct number -- I had listed his old number when I first posted this announcement).

Richard Gartner

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