I'm talking about iodine supplentation. I've been taking it about 8 months since I learned it had strong correlations to cancer. I've used it to treat my Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and it works. Seriously, it works. Any skin growths have completely disappeared. I learned that iodine deficiency is strongly implicated in the development of breast cancer, and in many holistic circles it's used widely to treat it.

I learned this on Curezone.com, and I learned something else as well.


Iodine supplementation allows old feelings and memories to surface. Naturally. Memories and feelings of mine from childhood and young adulthood, most of which are not related to abuse, have surfaced. In Curezone's iodine supplementation forum, there is a FAQ forum, where it is detailed. It also speaks about some people having vivid dreams, which I haven't experienced. Since I started using iodine, it has done exactly what I read about.

In fact, prior to realizing the abuse, I was all about stirring up and finding old memories. In the MS forums I learned that was not wise. Not with real abuse. It's a therapist's answer to unsolved riddles, but to survivors like me, it can be a promise to face some emotional hell. Therefore, I warn survivors who may have learned about it.

There are other details about iodine that need to be addressed, but that is the biggest one for us. Hope this helps.


I come back now to write this about four hours later, to address something very important. Taking iodine releases a lot of toxins out of the body, the most prominent one being bromide. Bromide can accumulate quickly in the body, and without being flushed out, it causes (for me) irritability and moodiness. This is very common and well documented.
To flush it out, one has to consume 1/4 - 1/2 tsp. of sea salt in about 12 ounces water, taken every 30-45 minutes until urination begins. It works....and that is why I'm writing. I tend to minimize its importance. I didn't flush sufficiently, and I was short with my wife and child a while ago. There was no reason/situation behind this. So I gulped down a bunch of salt water. I urinated, and feel a little relief. I don't need a supplement causing hell for me and my family.

Thank God me and my wife are speaking freely, openly, respectfully, and lovingly. MS plays a large part of this.

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