If you wanted to provide a link to MS on your site that would be great! The more people who know of MS as the wonderful resource it is, the better.

As for providing links to other sites from here, it gets a bit sketchy for one very important reason, we have no control over where the link will ultimately go. We certainly don't want any direct links to a porn site or a hate site for instance and once a Mod sees such a post, it would be immediately removed.

The Mods can't vet every link that appears on this site and I think you will all agree that far from everywhere on the web is safe. While your facebook page may be perfectly harmless fun to you, if you invite someone else as a friend to that page, he could be terribly triggered by something found at that site or a link that was on that site. We don't like it for another reason....lots of facebook pages and myspace pages, etc. have very personal information. Once you're personal information is out there for any and all to see, you can't pull it back.

Friendships are fostered here, which is a good thing most of the time, but we all need to remember that not everyone here, just as in real life, will be a true friend. The raw emotions and relief at a connection that is found on this site can be overwhelming. Just the thought of someone who understands, really and truly, could cause you to throw caution to the wind, only to be hurt by it later.

I know it may sound heavy handed to some, but there have been too many instances in the past where people have been badly hurt because they were just looking for a friend.

ROCK ON......Trish

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