I can understand the Judge's decision here, but the family are freaking out because they have been 'outed'.
If they are indeed 'guilty', then they should have to endure responsibility for their own past deeds.

We will shame you, but Hell, you don't shame us, comes to mind.

Published Date: 16 August 2008
By Alan McEwen
THE victim of Edinburgh's worst paedophile ring today said she had received death threats from members of her extended family.The messages were sent by e-mail and posted on Dana Fowley's website by relatives who accused her of shaming her family by going public with her story.

Many of Ms Fowley's own relations were part of the paedophile ring which raped and abused her a

nd her sister over a period of 12 years.

Now a relation of Billy King, the deceased ringleader behind the abuse, has sent threats to kill Ms Fowley if she sees her on the street.

In another message, the relative, who the Evening News has decided not to name for legal reasons, refers to Ms Fowley's recent life-threatening battle in hospital.

Doctors had to repeatedly restart her heart after it stopped when a stomach ulcer burst and eight pints of blood transfusions were needed to save her.

The message said that the blood was "wasted" on her and surgeons should have let her die instead.

But Ms Fowley today condemned the threats and said they would not prevent her from telling her story about the abuse she suffered at the hands of relatives. She said: "When I received these messages, I sent one back saying that I was no longer a victim and I wouldn't be frightened into keeping quiet.

"I wanted to speak out, first to get justice, but also so other victims don't feel so alone. I'm not going to change that and be intimidated because anyone feels ashamed by what some members of my family did."

Former ice cream man Billy King, who died in 1995, married Ms Fowley's mother, Caroline Dunsmore, and was considered to be the main figure behind the paedophile ring, allowing his friends and relatives to abuse his step-daughter alongside him.

Ms Fowley suffered at the hands of her mother and others who abused her and her sister over a period of 12 years. Dunsmore is serving 12 years for her role, while Morris Petch, 50, received a life sentence and John O'Flaherty, also 50, was handed a 13-year term after their trial last year.

She is expected to give evidence during trials of more alleged ring members later this year.

Her partner, Paul Kernachan, 41, said: "These people are attacking Dana because she spoke out about the paedophile ring. They are trying to intimidate her into silence but that won't work.

"Dana has just recovered from an illness which could've killed her, so she doesn't need the stress. But she's not going to be afraid of these death threats."

Ms Fowley added that she hoped the book she co-wrote about her experiences, How Could She?, would be released into the shops after the trials.

The procurator fiscal blocked publication of the book last month just days before it was due to be put on the shelves amid fears it would prejudice the upcoming cases.

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