I recall that when i was about 9 dad had this friend who seemed to be nice. He was tall dark hair and slender and my parents needed a baby sitter and E said he could take care of us. I have a sister and adopted sister and half brother who were all younger then me. E put my brother in his crib and the rest of us stayed up and watched t.v. Then it was time for the rest of us to go to bed so we went and put our pjs on and brushed our teeth. My brother and I shared the same room so I went in and closed the door to block out the light from the t.v. I climb into bed and am almost asleep the door opens and E comes in and is checking on my brother. I think nothing of this and as I stir in my bed I comes over to me. I thought you would be asleep by now? I told him that I was just before he came in. Then I have no idea what is about to happen. I will do something to make you relax he starts rubbing my shoulders runs his hands through my hair and asked you trust me don't you? I say yes I have no reason not to he takes off my pj top and is rubbing my chest. Then he starts moving his hands down my legs then he leans over and says he is going to show me something. E takes my pj bottoms off and says don't be afraid I won't hurt you. I am in shock and don't now what to do so I freeze and then he starts master bating me hell I didn't even know what that was. Then tells me you have a hard on the only thing that I now is that this is not right and I just want it to stop. E then takes my naked body picks me up on his shoulders and takes me into the bathroom stands me in front of this big mirror. E master bates me until I am erect then tell me to look at myself in the mirror no I look away. E turns my head and forces me to look at myself. Yuk gross disgusting I feel ashamed. E tells me you have a beautiful body and the perfect peter. Then he takes me back to my bed and i think yes its over. E I wont hurt you I close my eyes and I feel this warm wet feeling and he now has me in his mouth. I remember getting sore and hoping he will stop and after some time it finally does. E puts my pjs back on. Then he leans over and says this is just between us no body would understand you can't tell anyone. I say what if I forget E says well that would be to bad you would be taken from your parents and never see them any more. What about you I ask? They will never find me but I will find you and I will come and cut your peter off!!! I never have told anyone until just lately about this and the other abuse that I will tell later.