I remember that my dad had a very bad temper would yell threaten you I'll give you a spanking. I was very much afraid of my dad it was like a drill sargent in your face. I remember getting spanked on my bare ass when I was about 8 or 9 with a willow branch. I had nocked my sister down when in fact I was trying to stop her from falling. I was like a wounded animal very very shy and was to listen and obey no matter what. I promise B I will take you to the races tonight guess what another promise broken. I would cry and so stupid for I would believe him when he promised again my little heart was braking. The first time I was sexually abused was when I was 5. This junior high girl from down the street was to baby sit everything was good until after we went to bed. I had to go to the bathroom really bad #2 she takes me into the bathroom. I think she will leave me finish alone just then she pull down my pj's and starts to play with my gentatils and starts to laugh and make fun of me. I could not go to the bathroom so she puts me back to bed and later on I end up soiling myself. I am so embarrased ashamed and when my parents got home I told them what had happened guess who they believed not me. am called a lair and just asking for attention. The next day this perv comes nocking on the door I open it and as soon as I saw who it was slam!!!!!!! the door closed in her face. This is just the beginning but enough for now.