On this site we all have a tendency to focus on all the negatives surrounding this issue, that it is hard to see when someone has been nice to us.

I started this post so that each of us could take a minute,and think about something nice someone has done for us, or we have done for someone else.

If you can't think of anything,try to take a minute today, and do something nice for someone else, I bet you will get it back, two-fold.

So the last nice thing I did for my H, was yesterday I brought him home a bag of sunchips, he saw the commercial, and mentioned that he hadn't had them in forever. Which is true, I never buy them,and to be honest, I didn't know he liked them.

I got a big ((((HUG))) for that, he didn't think I was even paying attention, and this morning, he brought me home my newspaper, and an ice tea from starbucks, they were waiting for me at my spot at the table when I woke up.

I know we will have a good day today, warm feelings all around.

I'd like to hear from EVERYONE, a little kindness goes ALONG way.


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