Hello, My name is Didi. My son and 4 yr old nephew were sexually assaulted by a neighbor and that is what brought me to this site.I understand how you feel about your loss. I wanted to tell you about my best friend John who died while I was pregnant.He was my rock since I was 15(now39). He was always there to listen and was always on my side. It was funny, even if the other person was right, he was loyal to me and on my side! It really sucks ass when you have that one person in your life whom you can tell all and have them not judge you and really love you and be there for you and then BAM!!!!! They are gone. I think about him every day of my life. I think that things would be different if he were here. My son and nephew would have never gone through this shit if he were here and so on. I cant tell you how to deal with it because I have no fucking clue, it really hurts, but I do feel your pain and understand. Take care of you, Didi

Raising children who have been loaned to us for a brief moment outranks every other responsibility!