My story is very long, Begining when I was 5 with the death of my Father I was move from home to home between realitives and a very abusive mother so it never lasted long my Mother but me with her Aunt and Uncle P. Where I did find a small amount of happiness till she decided she needed us back then after less then a month she dropped us off at her parents house that only too a week then my Grandpa and Grandma W. call my dads parents and asked them if they wanted us or we where going into foster care so Grandma and Grandpa K. came from Oreagon to Utah and got us and took us to Oreagon with them and again I found happiness and again it didnt last long till mom returned and wanted us back but this time Grandma and Grandpa K. didnt give in as easyly and asked if we want to go with mom or stay with them, My brothers went with mom and I stayed in Oreagon at the age of 11 we had to move to Utah because my Great Grandma K. was ill and needed Grandpa K. close so we pack-up and moved to Utah Grandpa K. Found trailer and move it next to Great Grandma K. and there we live till she had to be put into a Nursing home the we move into her trailor. I live happly with my Grandparents till I was 12 truning 13 and again my Mother got involved this time dragging the state of utah and the LDS (Mormon) church involved into the conflict claiming that my Grandparents K. where unfit to care for me that at their age they could not properly care for teenage boy somehow she convinced them and the spoke to Grandma and Grandpa K. and they agreed to put me into foster Care (Please understand I Was Raised LDS (Mormon)my whole life) so they but me into LDS (Mormon) Foster home the very first one they placed me in was an older couple the wife had lupus and was bed ridden they had two high school age daughters and they had had other young boys as fosters so I thought I was safe till that night when I was taking a shower they had no towles in the bathroom so I call for one and returned an stood in the shower closed the shower curtian Mitchell came in with the towel and opened the curtian and stood there and looked at me shivering and naked it started the next morning after he had sent the girls to school he came in and pulled my Pj's down and fondeled me till I got hard the the Masterbated me for awhile then left this went on from age of 12 to 14 All this time I was Active in the Church and he would tell me that if I told anyone I would be Excommuicated from the church being a deacon I knew what that ment and that they would not belive me or it was my fault and that this was what men did this how you became a man this went on till he finaly got me to climax and cum the he decide I was no good anyone so I was shipped off to new home which did'nt go well and on and on it went till I was forced to go back to my Mother lived with her till she kicked me out at 16-17 then she was forced to take me back till I graduated High School and was on my own