[font:Comic Sans MS]My wife never caught on to the beatings, to the bruises and scaring. I'd wear t-shirts or long sleeved shirts to bed, refusing to have sex when things hurt to much. When my ass and penis would hurt so bad from what he had done. He'd call me his nigger bitch. His nigger whore. Nigger Cunt. Nigger Pussy.

He'd beat me with wires, hangers, cords, extension cords, belts, whatever he had. Even when I did what he said, didn't complain just submitted to his every whim. His friends would come over, humiliate me, choke me until I blacked out. There were men younger than me, and even a few times women. Younger and older. And I just laid there and took it.

I can't remember when the beatings started. I wrote sweat shirts and long sleeved shirts all the time. Long pants and could never look at myself in the mirror without clothes on.

My back is scarred from burns and whatever he used.

I apologize that this is all over the place.

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