(1)1970 - later, I was 12 yo to 17 yo. Reported to Police when I discovered the guy (Robert Anthony Potter who. now pleaded guilty) was still molesting kids till 2002 when he was charged for the first time.

(2) 33 months now, he will be "judged" (sentenced) 22nd August 2008. It has been a long process, but I am only NOW starting to understand the importance and freedom of going through with it. (more later or next time.. but a "sea chnage" has been happening in my life

(3) As the court case has drawn to a close, I have moved residence, resigned from my old job, and in many ways I am "drawing a line in the sand" so that the next half of my life is not dominated by what happened to me as a young teenager.. I am now 51 years old!

(4) The crime back in 1970 was called "the abominable crime against nature, the crime of buggery", today they would call it aggravated rape against a minor. In those days in Australia they had no laws about sexual abuse of teenage boys, only about "buggery", so the accused, now the guilty one, has to be sentenced on the law as it was back then, and sentenced accordingly (as they would have back then)??

(4) He (ARP) did a deal, so instead of being tried on 16 counts, he pleaded guilty to about 5 for a reduced sentence ?. What this means I do not know. What someone got for "buggery" in 1970 (or 1870) I do not know.

(5) One thing I do know, now, and only recently, the only way for me to start to resolve all of what happened to me back then was to go through the legal system now (38+ years later)

(6) I will write some more, but am starting to feel good about the last few years.

Sydney, Australia.