Dear Trish, Thanks for that extremely honest opinion.LOL. I was actually thinking the exact same thing. I cannot of course tell my H this. He will accuse me of not liking him because he did not agree with me. I am hoping that after a few sessions, he may get a better idea of how each of us thinks,and then be better able to make opinions,and suggestions. We will see. It was only the first session, I just did not get a few things. The T never stopped my H from answering for me, I thought that was odd. He would ask me a question, I would start to speak,and my H would interrupt and tell him he'll answer, he knows what I would say. The T was taking notes so I am hopeful he was more observing to get an idea on how we interact,and didn't want to scare anyone off the first day. See I'm hopeful.LOL. Anyway,thanks for the support and advice.
Warmly, NY DAISY