Journey of a wild colt

“You are a wild colt that has never been broken in, if you trust me and let me lead you, I will take you to places you’ve never been or seen before. Be still and know that I am God.”

Words spoken to me when I was in my 20’s

Where is the colt, is he still here? Did he put his trust in you? What was he like, did you tame him and ride him like the wind with beauty and grace or did he protest and escape.

He takes his life in his stride and moves with timing of the seasons, climbing over ranges, hill tops, the gullies, the mountains and crosses over rivers and streams. Brushes past, plants and others of Gods creatures.
What frightened him away without beginning his journey with you? Where has he gone is he still running in the wilderness on his own in search of what? And what will he find out there?

He has made a home in the wilderness and has learnt this part of the land well.
He as learnt to survive with others in this big wide world.

He found food to sustain him self, fight to protect him self. He’s learnt the art of luring lovers with his beauty and charm. But has he learnt the arts of love? Has he found his purpose in life a comfort helping others given him a place of sanctuary in his heart and soul. And time to let go of the past and a time to hope for the future.

He has learnt to, overcome his fears of his youngun’ years. Past images no longer haunt him as much with its gruesome details which helped shape his life. They are of old distant pictures of a fold he used to know too well.
Able to travel long distances with others without much sweat and tears building relationships and bonds thou he realizes some are close and distant and can see some can't ever be, hoping someday this will be made clear to him why?

Thou life seemed cruel to him in the past this grip this view no longer holds its own he has learnt and heard of many stories of much greater and deeper pain and sacrifice than his own.

Journey of a wild colt

The distances they have traveled to get away from it all, sacrifices made, the trials, the tribulations, the pain and anguish. The broken hearts and dreams, the sweat and tears they have gone through to find new pastures, land, lives, places and homes. He loves to hear the high and lows of others in hope he will find his own.

The years have been unforgettable the time and the seasons have been his greatest teacher unraveling the secrets of his life.
Moving and changing with the seasons, time of growth, time of exploring, time of being and time of understanding.
This he gallops through with open eyes and heart. Learning his fears love pleasure and pain trying to find meaning for his existence for this wild colt of being.

With every picture memories of laughter pleasure pain sweat and tears
This he has not missed out in the battle scars of life with the highs or lows he vows to never forget which he holds dear to his heart and soul.

Here he is this wild colt thou this colt may not be a wild and a colt no more but still as strong and eager to climb the rangers, the hill tops, the gullies, the mountains, across rivers and streams. Run with the wild the seasons in search of finding himself and destiny.

Maybe someday he will realize that self and destiny have been with him all along. Maybe God, you have been with him leading him and taking him to places he hasn’t seen or been before with this knowledge he will be still and know you are God.

This Wild Colt
You may have seen him wondering through the wilderness
You may have heard his cry
You may have seen him run with beauty and grace
You may have seen him fall from grace
You may have touched him in his heart and soul

But try to tame him
Try to ride him
Try to capture him
And try to call him your own

Just remember where he is from
And who he is and maybe then you will
Win his heart of this Wild Colt.

Written by Charles Law 11/6/2002