Hi everyone,

I'm sure by now you've read at least the latest newsletter just recently published. What we've heard from people thus far has been uplifting and hoping that every issue gets better and better. The way to make that happen is actually in YOUR hands.

The newsletter comes alive when people like "you" realize you have something to say and want to be heard. This kind of realization is actually a big step forward for all of us as survivors and supporters. And just like posting a message on the boards, you can "post" in the newsletter to a readership of thousands some of whom are printing it out and leaving it in offices where others will read it and perhaps discover their way out of the madness that is abuse.

Think of it and go to the tab on the home page clicking on newsletter and then on wanting to submit something. Fill out the brief registration and we'll get right back to you with clearance to submit your article, poem, drawing, etc. Remember, this newsletter is about, for and from survivors and those who support us. Let us hear from you!