I'm not sure what is causing this feeling in me and wanting to run but lately i have been ( especially today ) feeling really "jumpy" and on edge and i am not sure why.

Perhaps it's my wedding coming up in september and i am now feeling this way.

She is bugging out tonight and just wont give me my space and she has her period and when "it" arrives i want to scream....she is so clingy and touchy feely i'm going F$%^ nutso.

Is it me

is it her

is it the fact i want my space

i'm not at all enjoying this feeling of being so jumpy and trapped yet i love her

--i want to be with her

my therapist says relationships and everything about it can trigger me

i sit here typing and she comes over to me wanting a kiss and it's not the first time tonght she has wanted attn and being clingy...what the fuck do i do without hurting her feelings..??

Do i leave it alone and just let it go

who knows
at this point i know we spend alot of time together i mean alot of time together and i am feeling trapped,jumpy,raw,edgey and most of all cautious..

What do you think is going on with me, or is it her

is it just what it is....a relationship....


" You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have "